Paypal Account Verification 100%

100% US Paypal Verification

✔Send/Receive Payments

✔Shop online

✔Use on paypal accepted sites to purchase courses, pay for monthly yearly services like hosting, domain or even online games.

✔Mobile Verification

✔Virtual Visa Card linked

✔Visa card in you own name

-Card details will be provided

16digit card number, expiry date, CVV/CSC number.

-Proper way to use paypal and safety tips provided.

Just getting verified paypal is not good enough. You need to use it properly, safely, minimize possibility of limitation.

Once you get limited, there's a high possibility that your new account also might get limited. You must know how to use new account after previous limitation.

Some try to get paypal verification account/service at low price not realizing it's just a small investment, while some pay very high price thinking it's safer, better that way.

No matter who you purchase from or somehow verify paypal account yourself, you need to know how to safely use paypal, minimize possibility of limitations, how to confirm your identity in case of suspicious activity, etc.

I'll teach you all of these.

Inbox me or call me for details and to create/verify account.

Contact: 984 - 1188215

Message me on FB:

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